Thursday, June 01, 2006

Pressure on Murtha

Found this story about pressure on Rep. John P. Murtha. This shows the climate in the USA. Dan Froomkin has yet to cover the response from the White House as far as I can find it. From the coverage so far on the BBC there is a strong probablity of international response when the details on Haditha are officially stated.

The report states that Michelle Malkin attacked Murtha and "media outlets" for "calling the alleged massacre a massacre before all the facts are in," and for "serving as al Jazeera satellite offices."

This response of blaming the messanger seems quite usual. al Jazeera represents opinion in many parts of the world. Froomkin is one of very few journalists who thought it worth following up the claims that Bush thought about, maybe as a joke, bombing al Jazeera around the time of their reporting on Fallujah.


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