Friday, October 13, 2006

This sounds credible to me

Extract from live transcript of a Q&A following recent White House press conference.

St. Petersburg, Fla.: I hope that Helen Thomas is right when she asserts that the press is now "coming out of its coma," but I have my doubts. The evidence that exposes the incompetence and sheer malevolence of this administration has been available for ages. And who's listening? The real question is if the the American public will awaken from its slumber. Your thoughts?

Dan Froomkin: I think the public was way ahead of the press corps in determining that Bush was not credible. Look at the poll numbers. For instance, a majority of Americans has been saying for more than two years that they think Bush deliberately misled us into war.

In the UK the press are not much different in reporting Blair. Checking Google News still shows that only the Guardian reported the Monday hearing that decided the Official Secrets Act trial on the al Jazeera memo will be mostly in secret.


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