Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Selection of video from UK sources

The previous post followed the suggestion that Iraq is one reason Labour politicians do not want to engage in online video blogging. So this is the result of some recent searches. There may be other links later.

George Galloway on Sky News

Sky is part of the Murdoch structure so this may have to be moved to MySpace.

Ming Campbell

Maybe Ming could have another go at a video on Iraq. Very low number of views on this one. Is there any archive from 2003 that could be mixed in?

Rose Gentle Mother of UK soldier killed in Iraq

The Scottish Nationalists could do well in May, partly because of policy on Iraq.

Peter Kilfoyle

Not about Iraq as such, but the closest a search on Kilfoyle could find.

This is from 18 Doughty Street, arguably the most well known political online video site in the UK. Labour and left political discussion could remain limited till there is a more open discussion on Iraq.


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