Monday, May 14, 2007

New Statesman is on the case

A blog indicates that the New Statesman, esteemed print periodical, is now making a case for journalism.

Martin Bright writes

The trial of civil servant David Keogh and parliamentary researcher Leo O'Connor for breaching the Official Secrets Act has gone largely unnoticed.

This is partly because the pair decided -- wrongly in my opinion -- not to allow a campaign to gather around their case. But it has also been difficult for journalists to report the case because of the draconian reporting restrictions that surround it

So maybe the print journalists will be making a stand around the appeal on reporting the trial.

He is a bit circumspect about the web

The judge in the case, Mr Justice Aikens, made no reference to the internet. But we have to be careful here. All I can say is that I would always encourage readers of this blog to read all the postings.

I think a check on Google News would show that the case has not gone "largely unnoticed" online. Is he suggesting a general search or just on posts for the New Statesman?

Could he mean this one?


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