Friday, November 30, 2007

New topic on Guardian Talk

The Guardian has deleted my original topic on Al Jazeera. It is true that not much happened. No new posts for a while. I guess this is part of the general effect of Blair not being around so much. Brown is not as obvious in his support of Bush, but the war continues.

I have started a new topic and also commented on a recent opinion from Polly Toynbee

You should read the Polly Toynbee text first but I am not sure about copying it. My comment below

It is still striking for me that Polly Toynbee rarely mentions the Iraq war and the public opposition to the original decision and the feeling of distrust around presentation and reporting.

I have started a topic over on Talk - Politics - Westminster etc

A previous topic, now deleted. was on the Al Jazeera memo trial.

Just in case someone missed the reports,

The Daily Mirror reported that there may be a memo about a possible talk between Bush and Blair about Al Jazeera.

Two people were tried under the Official Secrets Act. Much of the trial was held in secret. Peter Kilfoyle MP was not prosecuted although he made various statements based on the alleged contents of the memo.

Legal restrictions limit the extent to which UK media can report the trial and use the words "Al Jazeera" in the same story.

David Blunkett told Channel 4 when promoting his biography that the UK cabinet did discuss "taking out" Al Jazeera. As far as I know no UK media have tried to follow this up with further questions.

In case you think I am off topic, the generals do have a case. There are two very expensive wars happening. The people who still join the Labour Party may have expected Harriet Harman to say something about Iraq after the election. Did I miss it?

How did these wars start?
How was the case for them presented?
How was it reported?

Trust in politics? Just ignoring Iraq is not going to get anywhere.


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