Monday, June 22, 2009

Manning Memo story for OhmyNews

I have sent in a story for OhmyNews, not yet published as of Monday morning. i hope it will be edited ahead of the Wednesday debate in UK parliament.

My claim at a news angle is that the Observer has published the story. A memo of a conversation including Bush and Blair seems to show that the facts were shifted to fit a decision already made to start a war. This is what many people think already but not the sort of thing within the scope of the enquiry recently announced by Brown.

So far a Google search finds only a blog as a follow up from Sunday print publication. David Swanson is kind enough to say that this is another sign of the UK being a few steps ahead of on news. However, according to the Wikipedia the New York Times reported this memo in 2006. So the publication in one UK newspaper three years later is not exactly rushing things.


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