Wednesday, January 24, 2007

OhmyNews story published

The editors have now accepted my story on Davos.

They used the photo on the menu page but not on the article. It is a problem that most of the photos on Flickr are not with a Creative Commons copyright statement. So there is nothing from the event that could be used yet. Not a good sign either for a crossover to the social web or whatever they are talking about. Still, there is plenty of time left.

Photo by Chompers


Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Story about Davos

I have done a report for OhmyNews, not edited yet.

Found a photo on Flickr from 2004. There are some found with "davos07" but none with a Creative Commons licence.


Monday, January 15, 2007

Truth and Iran

Reading Dan Froomkin is good for my mood because he confirms my views are shared by others but the content can be disturbing. I am paying more attention tnbis year so there may be more posts.

The most recent one is a comment on recent Bush claims that the new troops were requested by the Iraq government.

"But Bush's new story lacks a certain important quality: Believability."

Later there is discussion on Iran that suggests a new war is a possibility.


On MSNBC, Chris Matthews and Snow had a contentious exchange. Via Think Progress:

"MATTHEWS: So he will seek congressional approval before any action against Iran?

"SNOW: You are talking about something we are not even discussing.

"MATTHEWS: Yeah, but you are, Tony, because look at this. 'I recently ordered the deployment of an additional carrier strike group to the region.' Isn't that about Iran?

"SNOW: It, it -- yeah, it is, in part, and what it is is it's saying, look, we are going to make sure that anybody who tries to take aggressive action -- but when Bill Clinton sent a carrier task force into the South China Sea after the North Koreans fired a missile over Japan, that was not as a prelude to war against North Korea. You know how it works.

"MATTHEWS: No, I'm just concerned because, very much in the years, in the months building up to this war in Iraq, we heard a kind of a drumbeat of the dangers from Iraq and the nuclear weaponry and what we're going to do about it, and then gradually we went to war....

"My concern is we're gonna see a ginning up situation whereby we fall in hot pursuit any effort by the Iranians to interfere with Iraq. We take a couple shots at them, they react, then we bomb the hell out of them and hit their nuclear installations without any without any action by Congress. That's the scenario I fear, an extra-constitutional war is what I'm worried about.

"SNOW: Well, you have been watching too many old movies --


Here in the UK we have been watching bits from old World War 2 movies on BBC4. Most of the comments on the show were about how Hollywood gradually forced US actors into British productions and eventually gave the impression that it was the USA that won the war. I think it was John Sergeant who mentioned this actually was the case, but this did not stop the drift of the program. Maybe it was all those films that encouraged Tony Blair to believe in the UK as a global war machine. Have a look at the text of his recent speech. Is he connected with reality? Maybe Dan Froomkin could check this out.