Monday, July 04, 2016

Updates coming soon, Chilcot Wednesday, but away till next week

This blog has not been updated in a while. OhmyNews is not in an English language version but I think something continues. There is a lot on YouTube even though I don't understand the language. I am away from Wednesday for a long weekend and will not be back till Sunday. I might find some broadband but the trip is intended as a break and so I will just leave it till the main points of Chilcot are clear.

My interest is in the Daily Mirror story about a possible joke about dropping a bomb on Al Jazeera. I did try to follow this particular story in detail as it related to Citizen Journalism concerns , actually most journalists you would think. The story later included how a statement in court is reported or not and how security documents come to be signed. My guess is that after Chilcot there will be discussion about the secrecy legislation, intelligence, and what sort of state machinery is really needed for these small islands.

So more later, meanwhile links to three stories still on OhmyNews archive

Al Jazeera seeking Controversial Transcript

Variations in Reporting Al Jazeera Trial

Al Jazeera Trial Continues in London